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conference overview

Kojicon is the brainchild of Yellow Farmhouse Director Jennifer Rothman, Author and Fermentation Expert Rich Shih, and Chef and Author Jeremy Umansky during the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. During the first conference, we expected about 100 participants. We were pleasantly surprised when over 600 people registered for our conference. With the excitement from the Koji community and the expert lineup of presenters, we knew we had created something special.

Now in our third year, the theme of Kojicon 2023 is: Preserving the Past, Fermenting the Future. Kojicon is presented by the Yellow Farmhouse Education Center, a non-profit 501c3, in Southeastern, CT. Our mission is to connect people to each other and to where their food comes from through food and farm-based education.

Throughout this two week interactive conference, participants will gather virtually with experts in the field to share their passion and skills to utilize the magic of this edible mold. This year, we will dive deep into how fermentation, an essential tool of food production throughout history, has shaped our past and the potential to shape our future for the better. For generations, fermentation and other preservation methods were a necessity for survival. As time has passed, that knowledge transfer started to dwindle and delicious, nutritious, culturally significant techniques were being lost.

Koji and fermentation also have the potential to change our food system for the better by reducing the amount of food waste we generate, utilizing less climate intensive ingredients, and introducing countless new flavors to people all over the world.

Over the course of two weeks, explore koji with live-streamed conversations and demonstrations and networking opportunities using Slack. All experience levels are welcome in this diverse, inclusive, and growing international community of koji enthusiasts.

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