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School and Teacher Programs

The Yellow Farmhouse collaborates with schools to provide experiential learning programs, on and off the farm, for students of all ages -preschool through college. Hands-on professional development and curriculum writing support are also available for teachers. Programs can be customized to meet grade level and content specific goals including topics and activities such as:

  • the basics of sustainable agriculture and where our food comes from

  • plant science and botany basics including plant life cycle, pollination, and plant parts we eat

  • soil health, crop rotation, food waste, and composting

  • farm chores like planting, harvesting, washing, and weighing

  • hands-on kitchen activities and cooking skills

  • prepare snacks or meals centered around seasonal ingredients

  • career options in food and farming industries

  • connecting farming to personal, community, and environmental health

  • food memories and the interpersonal connections we make with food

  • community connections with local farmers          

  • cultural connections to food and farming, history and traditions

  • seed breeding

  • seed diversity and function 

School Programs

Farm Tour and Tasting

All Ages  

1  hour visit

$100 for up to 25 student

Yellow Farmhouse staff leads an engaging tour of the farm and provides participants with a seasonal farm grown item to taste. Visits are customized to meet the specific learning goals and curriculum connections for each group.

Virtual Field Trip

All ages 

1 hour visit 

$100 for up to 7 classrooms

Take a virtual tour of the farm customized to learning objectives in the classroom. 


Farm and Food Connections

Pre-K through high school  

1 . 5  hour visit

$250 for up to 25 students

This program includes an interactive tour of the farm, the chance to taste something from the farm, and a hands-on farm or cooking activity. Visits are customized to meet the specific learning goals and curriculum connections for each group.


Culinary Connections

6th– 12th grade and college 

3 hour visit

$400 for up to 25 students

Students explore the farm to taste and discover the bounty of the season. After touring the farm and participating in a harvest and/or farm chore, we return to the kitchen to prepare and share a seasonal meal together. Concepts covered are customized to the learning goals of each group and activities and menus are dependent on what is available at the farm.


Customized and Multi-visit Programs

The Yellow Farmhouse works with school districts to create customized programs for multi-visit (i.e. fall, winter, spring) visits to the farm and/or multi-grade level experiences. We also work with the 85th Day Restaurant Community in Mystic, CT (Engine Room and Oyster Club) to curate career focused experiences for culinary and business classes.


Teachers are essential partners in ensuring that the next generation is invested in a sustainable food system. The Yellow Farmhouse offers hands-on professional learning opportunities for educators of all grade levels and content areas. During customized professional development programs at Stone Acres Farm or at your school or conference location, teachers:


  • learn about key concepts of sustainable agriculture, including soil health, crop rotation, and composting
  • participate in experiential activities designed to spark dialogue around food system issues

  • work together to prepare and share homemade meals centered around farm-fresh ingredients

  • consider how food and farming can be used as an entry point to various subjects and standards


Full-day program: $150/teacher for up to 15 teachers, $40 for each additional teacher (max 25)

Half-day program $100/teacher for up to 15 teachers, $30 for each additional teacher (max 25) 


The Yellow Farmhouse Education Center works with teachers and administrators to develop curriculum units for FCS, STEM, health & nutrition, or cross-curricular initiatives. Please contact Yellow Farmhouse to discuss curriculum details and fees.


The Yellow Farmhouse envisions a healthy, robust, and thriving local food system accessible and affordable to all. Thanks to our generous supporters, we offer a sliding scale option for payment. Please contact to discuss alternative pricing for your group.

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