Yellow Farmhouse Education Center uses culinary and farm-based education to connect people to each other and to where their food comes from so that we can cultivate a shared commitment to supporting a local, sustainable food system accessible and affordable to all. Drawing on the bounty of the land and the sea, as well as the rich culinary and agricultural heritage of the region, Yellow Farmhouse:


  • Convenes stakeholders and sparks dialogue to create meaningful change in how our food is grown, prepared, and consumed. 

  • Forges partnerships with area schools to develop curriculum and educational opportunities for teachers and students, ensuring that the next generation is invested in a sustainable food system. 

  • Offers experiential opportunities for individuals of all ages to cook, share meals, and learn together how to support human health, community health, and environmental health.


Housed at Stone Acres Farm, a working farm in Stonington, CT, Yellow Farmhouse envisions a healthy, robust, and thriving local food system accessible and affordable to all.

Our Team - staff

Jennifer Rothman
Educator and Executive Director

Jennifer has over twenty years of experience building programs for museums, gardens and farms. Prior to relocating to Mystic, CT, Jennifer was the education director at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. She was also the Vice President of Children’s and Public Education at The New York Botanical Garden where she worked for nine years and was the education director and interim director of the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo. Jennifer has degrees in environmental biology and museum studies. She lives in Mystic with her husband and three young children. Her favorite thing to cook is caramel apple crumble.

Laura Jackson
Educator and Director of Outreach 

Laura Jackson is a former middle school language arts teacher who is passionate about improving educational opportunities for children. She earned her BA from Wake Forest University and Master’s degree in Teaching and Curriculum from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Prior to joining the team at the Yellow Farmhouse, Laura worked for the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Highlander Institute, a non-profit based in Providence, RI. She lives with her family in Stonington, CT and enjoys DIY projects in and out of the kitchen.

Eric Dawson 
Educator and Farmer

Eric grew up in Arlington MA and graduated from Connecticut College in 2019 with a degree in Environmental Studies and International Relations. Eric became interested in regenerative agriculture when he was introduced to the school's campus Garden, SPROUT, his freshman year. Eric has experience in farm based education and farm management from his prior work at SPROUT and Green City Growers, an urban agriculture company based in Somerville MA. Some of Eric’s favorite things to grow are carrots, lettuce, and eggplants. One of his favorite meals to cook is eggplant parmesan because it reminds him of community dinners at SPROUT. Eric is looking forward to teaching more people about where their food comes from and creating some tasty recipes in the process. In his free time, Eric can be found gardening at home, snowboarding and longboarding, kayaking, or playing guitar.

Suzanne Burns
Educator and Administrator

Suzanne grew up in Massachusetts where she spent many days investigating her backyard for animals and plants and many summers in her family's garden. She studied Environmental Science and received a Bachelor of Science degree from Springfield College.  Suzanne has an interest and many years of experience in environmental and place-based education. She is looking forward to working with students, teachers and farmers at Yellow Farmhouse Education Center to promote our mission. Suzanne lives in Mystic with her family and enjoys home gardening, hiking, and volunteering

Our Team - board of directors

Barbara Dixon

Barbara began a career on Wall Street at a firm called Hayden Stone, which later morphed into Shearson Lehman Brothers where she became a Managing Director. Her expertise was in futures trading, as a money manager (CTA). She managed several commodity funds, lectured about the futures markets throughout the US, in London, and in Tokyo, and wrote a weekly market letter for clients. She left Wall Street in 1993, and since then she has become active on various not for profit boards including New Yorkers for Parks (now director emeritus), The WellMet Group, and The Cultural Landscape Foundation.  Barbara lives in Manhattan and Stonington, Connecticut.

Sam Chesebrough

Sam is the founder Pickily Foods, a refrigerator pickle brand featuring local produce like beets, cucumbers, onions, and jalapeños. He was also the founder of Abound Digital which provided marketing strategy, video production and social media support to small businesses and non-profits. He was the co-founder of Shared Quarters, a co-working space serving entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers. Sam managed customer acquisition strategy at Wayfair, a Boston-based online retail startup and was a digital marketing executive for the manufacturing and industrial clients at ThomasNet RPM. 

renate gleysteen

Renate is a former educator with a passion for early childhood education. She moved from Larchmont, NY to Mason’s Island in Mystic, CT where she raises sheep on her property for wool. Renate has a keen interest in regenerative agriculture and food production, is an avid home cook, and shares her interests with her children and grandchildren.

marcia santoni

Marcia is the Executive Director of the Riverdale Neighborhood House in Bronx, NY.  Prior to that she was the Managing Director and COO of Pioneer Works, a groundbreaking cultural center dedicated to building community through the arts and sciences. She has extensive experience in marketing and non-profit management and splits her time between Stonington and NYC.

Phyllis Weaver

Phyllis recently retired from Red Oak Commodity Advisors, Inc. where she was the co-founder, treasurer, and compliance officer. Phyllis holds an MBA from Stanford University, Graduate School of Business and a MEd in Higher Education and a PhD in Language Communications, both from the University of Pittsburgh. Phyllis was an Associate Professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Education and has been an active philanthropist in education. She served on the Board of Directors of the Young Women’s Leadership Network in New York City and privately founded the Urban Education Internship Program. Previously, Phyllis was founding Chair of the Parent and Family Leadership Council at University of Chicago. 

Yellow Farmhouse commitment to dismantling racism in the food system

Value Statement

Develop a value statement that recognizes the privileges that we have as an organization and outlines the work culture of equity and diversity that we strive to build.


Staff and Board Structure

Diversify staff and board to better represent the communities that we serve now and that we aim to serve in the future.



Build new and strengthen existing partnerships that support inclusion and dismantling racism in the food system and in our community. 

Resources and Privileges

Identify resources and privileges that we have that can be used to support organizations and people that might not have the same resources and/or privileges.

Content and Educational Messages    

Review and revise content to include more BIPOC voices and to ensure a viewpoint that isn’t just about inclusion but also addresses inequities and racism in the food system. Elevate voices of BIPOC.

Farm Land and Location

Better understand and communicate the history of the land that we work on. Understand the history of agriculture.


Internal education

Include opportunities to educate Yellow Farmhouse staff and board about the role of our farm and non-profit in dismantling racism and building a more equitable food system at every board meeting.